Dear Weekend,


A very enjoyable weekend? Yes. I had a lot of fun with friends and family. A very productive weekend? No. I got about 10% of the schoolwork done that I was supposed to, so that is always promising.

Thursday (that is right, my weekend starts Thursday basically thanks to no class on Friday) I went out to surprise my nephew Dallyn and watch his basketball game. Little kids playing basketball is actually really entertaining. After that I went over to their home to play with all the boys, Dallyn wanted to show me something, Smith wanted me to play the Wii, and Lars wanted to play trucks. Kari Dawn wasn't feeling well and Ryan was working late so I was glad I could be of some entertainment to the boys so they weren't bothering her heaps. They fed me too, 50 nugget bucket for the whole family. After that I just came home and visited some friends, relaxed, and got into bed early.

Friday I woke up for a study group. My commercial recreation class has a case study due on Tuesday, so Johnny, Futi, Michelle, and I got together to finish it up. After that I went to work, then Michelle and I went to the Flash office, and then Chick Fil A because we had both been craving it. We ran into a buddy, Tyson Camps, and ended up sitting in the mall food court for about two hours chatting. Once that was done we went home and got ready for the evening's festivities. Hannah Lockhart moved to Washington DC (she is going to rock out there) so we went to her going away party and then we met up with Amanda Dayley for the Black Tie Event. It was way fun. I always love a good dance party.

Saturday I slept in a little. When I got up Michelle came over so we could study and go take our marketing midterm. After that we went to the BYU game and sat with Ryan and my nephews. BYU won. It was a good game. Then I went home and cleaned some while I figured out my evening plans. I ended up going out to dinner and to play the XBox Kinect with Jameson. I feel like the Kinect could be the greatest invention... just saying.

Sunday I slept in a lot. I always try to on fast Sunday because church is so late and I get so hungry. I woke up and went to church. We got a new Bishop and 1st counselor. I am so grateful for Bishop Owens and Brother Savage and for all of the wonderful things they have done for me. They are amazing men and have been great over the last year and a half. I am excited to get to know Bishop Porter and Brother Hughes. During the third hour we did a "shoe date". All the girls took off one shoe and put it in a basket for the boys to pick one for a date. Michael Bunn drew my shoe. I am excited to get to know him better. After church I went to Salt Lake City with Taylor and Ethan. We went to Taylor's house (and his friend's Scott for a little) to watch the Super Bowl. Taylor's parents made the most wonderful food. It was great. After that I just came home to call my family and get ready for the new week.

Overall, great weekend. I had a great time.

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