Dear Valentines Day,


Remember how I was determined to have a bad Valentines Day this year? That sounds super depressing, angry, and/or bitter. A large majority of my friends now have husbands, fiances, or boyfriends. So being single this year was going to be a little weird and, well, lonely. Now I just sound like I am whining. But remember how I have the BEST family and friends and my Valentines Day was amazing? Imagine coming home after work to a room covered in hearts, with flowers, a cute decoration, and cards from your nephews. That is what I got. My brother Ryan and his family made sure that I had the best Valentines Day. Beyond that, my mom never fails and sent the traditional carmel chocolate heart. It has not come yet, but she promised me it is on the way, and that alone made me happy. Last I went out to dinner with a few of the girls. Good time, no great time. Happy Valentines Day everyone.

Mom said...

So bummed that you had to admit the carmel heart hasn't come yet, because I sent it a week ago.

Love You!!!

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