Dear Friday Night,


Surprisingly, sitting at home tonight is the best.

And when I say home, I literally mean home. In Idaho.

My Friday night has consisted of:
Playing a little Just Dance 2 with Jessica Baker
Watching the BSU football game with the parents
Going to support Mitch Bruneel at CSI (even though they were slaughtering the other team and he did not play a single second while we were there, I guess we will watch him tomorrow... oh, and he was player of the game last night, so proud of Mitch- double double)
Making Christmas presents
Making wedding gifts

And now, as soon as everyone gets to the house, we will eat some ice cream, chat, maybe watch a flick or play a game, and then go to bed to get ready for the temple in the morning. Thrilled.

Nicole Erin said...

oh twiny! got to love your house.
ps you don't have a hard time..sometimes you just love love home and miss it which you should. that's what i was clarifying in that. Love you

tysha federico said...

nine beans. on tuesday? after i'm done with school? ya? ya?

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