Dear BYU Football,


Hey, remember those times you won football games? Let me give you a quick recap:

When you played Washington you won, 23-17.
When you played San Diego State you won, 24-21.
When you played Wyoming you won, 25-20.

Here is some picture (note the scoreboard in the back) evidence.

Well... Kelsey Berg hasn't gotten to go to a game yet so this will be her first one. And Nicole will be going this week. Michelle and I like to look like this [happy] at the end of the games.

So this will be the first time the WHOLE crew is at the game. Could you keep that in mind and maybe pull out another win? Plus... you only need 3 more to be eligible for a bowl game. And wouldn't that be a treat?

Michelle Cole said...

I completely agree with this post

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