Dear Twin Falls,


Remember that one time I went on a soul sister trip with these two girls. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing my soul sisters. Nicole Wait and Tiffany Pasker. We like to take road trips. Our favorite place to so is, you guessed it, Twin Falls, Idaho. Valley of the Gods.

It all starts with going to pick up Nicole and stopping by Costco to gas up the car.

Then we can hit the road, or crawl along as it is rush hour traffic, to pick up Miss Pasker because she has been playing teacher games all day. Once we are all in the car it is good bye Utah, HELLO IDAHO!

Before making it to Twin Falls, we have to drive through Burley. Which also eliminates all chance of seeing out the window considering Burley is invested with bugs that are now dead on my windshield.

Here we are in Twin Falls. Finally. Delicious homemade tacos, compliments of Chef Mommy, and then off to do a little "shopping in stores". First stop? Target. Second stop? Walmart. I decided to try on this item of clothing for Tiffany and I to admire... little did I know/realize we were in the juniors section. I got stuck. "I TRIED THIS ON FOR YOU! HELP ME GET OUT!"

Bedtime. Wake up the next morning for conference (such a treat). We listened to conference the best way possible. In the sun.

After all things conference we decided to take a trip to Nan's to collect my birthday gift. Everyone loves Nan.

Then we headed out to give Tiffany the Twin Falls tour. Nicole had already received the tour when we came for EFY. She came up early with me and Tiffany was a straggler. Nicole and I thought it would be a good idea to take Tiffany out on the town. Oh, and have a little photo shoot. Here we are by the historic turquoise down.

On the tracks.

By the river.

And at some other sketchy downtown location.

After a day full of church, family, and pictures it was time to leave our mark in this town. So we headed over to Walmart to get some paint. While we were there we met two children. Gems I tell you. Real Twin Falls gems. Pierced ears. Mullets. One did the splits for us and ripped his pants. Sure hope he didn't get in trouble for that.

Soul Sisters in TF. Yep. You better believe we painted the high school rock.

Twin Falls, you truly are amazing. I will never get tired of seeing this.

And I will never get tired of being with these two girls in Twin Falls or anywhere else.

Nicole Erin said...

LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!
thank you thank you for this.
FUN trip. ruffles soon?

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