Dear Procrastinators,


Halloween is upon us. There have been parties going on all week long and last night was kicked off the Halloween weekend celebration. Tonight there will be heaps of things to do. And here you are wondering what you should dress up as because you either (a) didn't like your costume last night or (b) didn't dress up and felt like an idiot.

A lot of my friends have been asking me what they should be so I am going to help you out and give you the list I game them with some pictures of some that have been used in years and days previous. A lot of easy, last minute costumes. Ready?

  • Boy Scout. Do to DI, they have tons of Boy Scout shirts there.
  • Pirate. All you need is some booty (gems and jewels), something black, something red, or something stripped, and a bandana or scarf for you head.

  • Jersey Shore cast. Big hair, tan body, Ed Hardy.
  • Constructing worker. Buy a hard hat, wear an old t shirt and some jeans.
  • Super hero. You need a cape.

  • Lady Gaga. She never wears pants, so just wear a swimsuit.
  • Jungle Dweller. Bones and animal print fabric. Drape it around yourself ever so nicely, and walk out the door.

  • Some sort of athlete. Everyone has a jersey laying around somewhere.
  • Lumberjack. Plaid.
  • 80's child. Bright colors, short things, tights, cut up things, big jewelry. You get the idea.

  • Ninja. Wear all black and some sort of black mask.
  • Greek. White sheet, wrap it around.
  • Cowboy. Button up shirt. Cowboy hat. Maybe some rope for variety.
Well people, there are some ideas. Take it. Run with it.
I am being MJ. May he rest in peace.
A moment of silence please.


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