Dear anyone who reads this,

Sorry that I have been a blog slacker since Thanksgiving. When I am in Idaho I do not spend time on the internet like I do when I am in Utah. There is too much to do.


Dear Icy Sidewalk,

I am done with your trickery; I will not fall for it again. Just to spite you my feet will not leave the ground, I will walk all over you.


Dear Cute Boy Walking Behind Me,

I meant to slip.


Dear Stylish Girl,

Really, I am jealous of how cute you look. Always dressed to impress. I wish I could do that. You must be a brave soul... or a fool... to walk around in high heels with all that ice. Either way, more power to you.


Dear BYU course work,

These past few months have been magic, really. Especacially these last two weeks when I had the opportunity of staying up with you until the wee hours of the morning. There is only one problem. I am not feeling the same way about you anymore... In fact, I have moved on. I think you should do the same. It has been a good time, but I feel like there is something different out there for me.

We can stay friends.


All my love,
Sean said...

Beautifully written. Jo and I loved it.

Kari Dawn Edmunds said...

What I want to know is whether there really was a cute guy behind you when you slipped!?!

Grandma Edmunds said...

Love the letters, Love you!! You're cute personality and originality always shines through.
Love, Mom

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