one week.


I have Thanksgivingitis.

Do you?

The following are Thanksgivingitis symptoms, you may have Thanksgivingitis if you have all or a combination of the following:
Dread every class because it is time for a break.
Hate the fact that we don't get a whole week off for Thanksgiving.
Hate the previously stated fact, yet still planning on skipping those two days to go home for a whole week.
Sit down Sunday to look at the next weeks plans and saying, "Only 5 more days until the weekend, I can do this."
Call home to find out what the family plans are, even though you pretty much already know.
Try to plan when you can take all three tests and write those different reviews, analysis, and papers before the end of the week.
Want turkey.
Talk about your travel plans almost daily.
Start to pack.

It is contagious, so be cautious.
Mom said...

I have Thanksgivingitis too. Can't wait for you to come home!!

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