Fall 09 so far.


I just wanted to recap Fall 09 with some pictures :) Love.

Stake opening social

Elaine Dalton Fireside.

Outside Lindsey's wedding.

Lindsey's Twin Falls reception.

Mallory's 21st.

Football with the crew.

Maneaters 1st win.

My 21st, thank you Cassidy for the surprise!

Halloween. Scary.
Liese said...

cute pictures! glad you're having a fun semester

Steve and Kalli Hale said...

Yeah! We're blog friends- I'm so happy :) Haha anyways you're Fall looks like its been fun. I love your halloween costume!

Kari Dawn Edmunds said...

I love picture recaps! Looks like you are having a great time and have some great friends! Thanks for sharing!

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