there was blood.


Tonight was crazy. That is the most simple thing to say. Honestly. Here are some things that need to be said about a football team. The Man Eaters.

They do not:
like cheaters.
enjoy playing man-girls.
take losing lightly.
give up a fight.
want to be talked down to by other teams and/or coaches.
like stupid girls.
want to be mauled.
always run a good play.
stop playing.
like refs that are friends with the other team.
like when calls don't get called.

They do:
get even.
have great coaches.
need a few more good woman for their team.
drink squeeze-its.
get feisty.
argue with refs.
have some bomb plays.
play better when boys are there.
make code names and nicknames for everyone.
have a good time.... no matter what.

This is all a lead into what happened tonight. The Man Eaters is my football team. Women's flag football. We got to the field. The other team all had cleats (only one of our players even owns a pair of cleats, but she is fast.. let me tell ya!) and they prayed to start us off (my team need to pray more, then we will win more). Game starts. These girls are deceiving. They don't look like they would be good at sports. But they are good at flag football because they attack and they flag guard. They were vicious. Someone made Talia bleed. Someone else hit Mekelle in the face. Someone else elbowed Nicole in the ribs (her rib is already cracked). They were literally crazy. And the refs didn't call anything. Because of that.. I got very angry. At one point this girl came and rammed right into Talia and me, and I was not very happy so I said to the ref "ARE YOU GOING TO CALL THAT?!" And he said "I didn't see anything..." And I said "Oh so you didn't see two of us got knocked down because she ran right into us?" And he said "Is that why you guys were down?" And I said "Yeah, and ya know what, go ahead, don't call it.. but don't be surprised if I do the same thing. If you don't call it for them, you better not call it for me or I will be ticked!" And he said "Kay..." So we decided to attack. ATTACK. For all the times they flag guarded, for every single body slam, for the pass interferences, we came back three hundred sixty eight times their power. If nothing else, they were scared of us. Not because we passed them in points, but because we would break them. BREAK THEM WE DID. I make us sound so violent. We aren't... But we are. That is all I have to say. We can be just as viscious as the most viscious. I am honestly surprised someone didn't get kicked out. Many penalties called. Many yards gained. But all I can say is my girls are competitive. We are a team. If you mess with one of us you mess with all of us. We back each other up. We let the tough ones take out the mean ones. And even though we lost, we had fun. We are just competitive.
Rachel said...

yeah, you show them who's boss. those refs sound gay

Kari Dawn Edmunds said...

I've heard beauty queens can be ruthless. :)

Nicole said...

Haha! I LOVE this so much! Remember how ticked we were?! I'm surprised we weren't kicked out. All I can say is... BECAUSE WE HAVE BEEN GIVEN MUCH, WE TOO MUST GIVE. Let's get 'em on Thursday!

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