Sometimes good things happen.


Well. Today I was thinking. Nothing good will happen. It is Monday. Monday is always a day when I can say, nothing good will happen. But today I was proved wrong. I forgot to pack a lunch... it seems to be a common trend these days. Probably because I don't have any bread... minor detail. Anyways, I grabbed a few dollars on the way out the door so I could purchase a delicious hot pocket from the vending machine. I have become quite fond of the pepperoni hot pocket. So there I was, sitting at work, thinking man. I am hungry. I could go for a hot pocket. So I got out my dollars and walked upstairs to the break room where the vending machines are...when I was walking up the stairs I realized, oh man. I bought the last pepperoni hot pocket last week, so I would have to buy something else. Maybe pretzels or a ham and cheese hot pocket... I did not love that idea. But to my surprise when I walked around the corner, the vending machine man was there restocking. I was happy to wait my turn, because then I knew for sure there would be a new row of hot pockets in the machine. You probably think this is the end of the story. False. It gets better. I was standing there waiting for him to finish so I could buy my hot pocket when the man turned around and said "Are you waiting to use this?" and I said "Yes." He then said "Oh, well... what did you want?" To which I responded, "A hot pocket..." Then he pointed at the pepperoni hot pocket and said, "This one?" and I said "Yes." Then he said, "Okay," and reached to the back of the row and handed me a hot pocket and said , "there you go!" I just smiled and said "Thank you!" and he said, "Yep." I GOT A FREE HOT POCKET FROM THE HAPPY VENDING MACHINE MAN. It was so great. I cooked my hot pocket for one minute and walked towards the door and once again said, "Thank you!!" He just smiled. That man made my day and helped me realize Mondays can be a good day. Thank you Mr. Vending Machine Man.
Kari Dawn Edmunds said...

I'm glad you had a good Monday! You deserve every day to be a good one! And what a nice vending machine guy!

Mallory said...

i'm a fan of ham & cheese myself

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