Here I am.


Well. Considering I am sitting at work with nothing to do for the next little while, and considering I never write in my blog, and considering Nicole Lindsley told me I was bad at updating my blog, I figured the time is now to catch up on a lot of everything that has been going on in my life. Welcome to the longest blog post I have ever written. My name is Deidre Edmunds, and I will be informing you on life since the 6th month in the year 2009, which is June 2009 for those of you who don't know the order and number of months.

We will start with.... Miss Idaho.

Miss Idaho was a great week. I met some AMAZING girls. Really. And I had a great time. Probably too much fun considering it was a competition. Usually I am really competitive and I don't like to get into the social aspect outside of my team, but my team was just me... so I had to break down a few walls and make friends. I am really glad I did. The week went by super fast. We did a lot of really random things, some service, and then news broadcasts. We went to the hospital to read to the kids for Children's Miracle Network, went to visit a Boys and Girls club, learned some sweet dances for opening numbers ( I will forever think of walking around in a white dress with a mask when I hear Viva La Vida ), we had the opportunity to meet the governor- Butch Otter, we were recorded practicing our opening number time and time again for news breaks, a fashion show at Dillards ( wore an evening wear outfit and every single Miss Idaho contestant got scouted by Urban Talent, ha.), we did an appearance at Goody's ice cream parlor (good ice cream, sorry swimsuit competition...), and actually... we were just pretty well fed all week. Homecooked meals by the board, restaurants catering, so good. Then there were the fun gifts we got. First we had matching sponsor t-shirts for everyday. We got some cute bags, totes, and make-up cases. Note pads, pens, things for pampering, a Scentsy (which I love and now have in my apartment down here!), and.... lets be honest too many things for me to remember. The competition was so fun. I would love to go back to Miss Idaho just for the experience of meeting new girls, becoming more confident, dancing back stage, and just loving every second. I don't even know what to say besides I absolutely loved every single second. Kara Jackson was crowned Miss Idaho 2010, and she will be fantastic!

Moving on to.... EFY.

hopefully in return I taught something to the people I came in contact with. It was simply amazing and I know I am even stronger in the gospel today because of those 7 weeks. My testimony is the strongest it has ever been. I learned so much about who I am and what I am doing here. I had so many prayers answered. I have never felt a strong feeling to go on a mission, but it is okay, because I know being at EI honestly can only think of two words to describe my EFY experience. PURE SATISFACTION. It was the most perfect and wonderful and spiritually strengthening time of my whole life. It was perfect for me, and exactly what I needed in my life. I would not change a single moment of those 7 weeks, and nothing could ever replace the learning that happened in those weeks. First of all, let me say that the youth in my groups were brilliant. They were so strong mentally and spiritually. Even the ones with struggles were stronger than I was at that age, because they wanted to learn and grow. They were all there to feast upon the words of Christ, which was something so amazing to me. If I had half their dedication to the gospel at that age, I would be much more educated in the Church today. I went in thinking it would be a great opportunity to teach and maybe learn, but I came out thinking it was a great opportunity for me to learn, from the participants, other counselors, session directors, building counselors, and teachers, andFY was my mission. I understand why so many young men are willing to dedicate two years or their life to the gospel. It brings so much joy and so much excitement to share something you feel so strongly about and to see the happiness and light is sparks in those around you. I know with all my heart this is the true gospel. I am so thankful for that being confirmed to me over my weeks at EFY, because that is something that will be with me forever. If I could leave one thing that helped me through every moment, it would be the importance of building a relationship with our Heavenly Father. He can help with every single thing in your life. And if nothing is going wrong, then he wants to hear about the joys in our lives. He is our Father, and we need to remember that as we go through our days. His hand is in every moment, and He wants us to continue on our way home to His loving arms.

Next... EFC, or what we like to call DISNEYLAND.

Disney makes me happy. EFY makes me happy. Imagine Disney with EFY friends..... so happy. I enjoyed meeting people I didn't get to meet during my weeks at EFY. I got to ride a lot of rides over my three days at the happiest place on Earth. Sharing a room with Mary Beth, Katie, Meghan, and Amanda was the BEST! Going to the beach was so good, even though it took a really long time to get there and we got lost and I just about died in the car ride there. But really... just in general I had a good time. I don't know what else to say besides TWO THUMBS WAY UP!

Now... SCHOOL!

Oh, remember how even though I had a great summer, I still had to go back to school? Well... if you didn't remember, that is where I am now. Studying Recreation Management with a Commercial Leisure Services emphasis, working at BYU Alumni for Roy Brinkerhoff as his student assistant, and doing an internship planning the final event for the Utah Student 25, under Brent Pribil with Omniture. I would love to share every detail about how this year has gone... but I will be honest, my fingers hurt a little bit. So you can look forward to posts about 80's dancing, the Alumni conference, BYU athletics (the good and the bad), my internship, my roommates (got some good ones this year), people that are like my roommates because they live in Stratford 104, and flag football... okay? Okay.

PS... If you would like to hear more about the previously mentioned things, just ask, I realize I left out lots of details and random things that may or may not be important. Actually... if you want to know anything at all, just ask. It will make my life, and yours much easier.


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