Miss Falls Valley.


Most of you have heard. But I am posting it anyways. This last weekend was the Miss Falls Valley pageant. Back to back mini pageants. The first round... I lost. My interview was good, I wasnt as confident in swimsuit, my talent wasn't super sharp, and evening wear was good. When it came time to crown, my name wasn't called. I went and said hello to my parents and Mallory, then headed backstage to change back into my interview suit. I was nervous for the second round... I shouldn't have been, but I kept saying to myself, what did you do wrong? How can you fix it?

I had to go think, so I went out into the hallway to think of what I could do and just calm myself. Elise was out in the hall too, she completely calmed my nerves. She just talked to me about what was important and what I needed to focus on. I went into my interview, and I did great! I feel like the judges really loved me and my answers, it was like talking to friends. Back stage again... swimsuit time. I got some advice and Elise helped me make my skin look even (never use Sally Hansen's airbrush legs if the color doesnt match EXACTLY!)... I felt a lot more confident and walked tall. Talent... two words. NAILED IT. Evening wear, I just held my head high and walked slower. wait for it... wait for it... wait for it... Time for crowning. 1st runner up, not me. Miss Central Idaho.... Deidre Edmunds! I WON! It was wonderful. My hair isn't thick enough to hold the crown. Elise re did it about 50 times until it was perfect, because she wanted it perfect for me. And it was.
Karen Stanton said...

Congratulations!! We wish you all the best at the state finals! We are webmasters of "MISS USA MAGIC" and we cover Miss America down to the local preliminaries! We will be updating the Idaho portion of the site within the day with you of course... we would also like to know who won the Miss Fall Valley title so we can update the site with that too!

You can check out our website at the following URL:
or you can email us at missusamagic@yahoo.com!
hope to hear from you soon!

Tysha Federico said...

this makes me so happy :)

Sean said...

Good job rockstar.

Nicole said...

you look so beautiful in these pictures!! and congrats on winning! :)

Kari Dawn Edmunds said...

Congrats to you! You look beautiful as always!

Nicole said...

you really need to make a new post!! it ticks me off that you haven't because i can't see pictures of you and what you are doing!

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