I just really want to share this with everyone because I am so proud of myself. I usually wake up, shower, blow dry my hair, straighten it. EVERY DAY. So my hair gets lots and lots of heat damage. And I have been saying to myself, "Deidre, your hair is frizzled.." and it makes me sad. So this last week I have been going to the gym every night, coming home, showering, putting some gel in my hair, and wearing it curly. So I haven't used heat on my hair all week. And I am excited for when I do it straight again to see if it looks healthier! Ha. Thank you for listening to my pointless story.
Kari Dawn Edmunds said...

I know what you are talking about! I started using the heat protectant spray by CHI and like it. Good luck! And the pics you took are great!

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