deep muscle soreness.


Well. I am like 87% sure I am going to compete in Miss Magic Valley one last time. The pageant is June 27th, so until then I need to "lose weight and tone up". I feel like it is a good thing. I have real motivation this time. Instead of just getting fit for the sake of getting fit, I know that is what I need to do to do well in the pageant. Since that was their main concern last year. Tone up Tone up Tone up. Okay. Here I go on my path to lose like 20 pounds.

So, I am starting to work out more. Maybe take some classes, right? Monday night I missed the class I wanted to go to so I went to the gym just thinking I would run run run and more cardio, but a different class was starting right when I got there, "POWER PUMP". I was like this will be so great! Walk into the room.

The room is packed full with all these women that are wanting to get all toned and fit. Ran out of equipment, like seriously so many women. Start the workout with the equipment that I could snag... Lunges, weights, abs, steps, kicks, you name it, we did it.

One hour later, class is done and I am like.... so tired. Really? Am I that out of shape? No... EVERYONE is so tired and ready to drop. Did I really just come to this class that basically kills even the regulars? Oh, the answer would be yes. Will I be sore tomorrow?....

TOMORROW CAME AND WENT AND I WAS SO SORE (ps... I went to the gym again last night, 30 minutes or cardio and then a 30 minute all ab class probably wasnt the smartest move.) and now tomorrow is yesterday. Today I am still so sore. Like deep deep deep in my muscles, and I can't walk and I can't move. I seriously want to die. I never realized I could be so sore. Actually, just kidding, I realized I could, I just wasn't expecting it from one hour of trash kicking power pump.

Lesson? Power pump equals death.
Tysha Federico said...

deidre. you inspire me to work out.

Kari Dawn Edmunds said...

You can do it! Power pump sounds intense!

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