... this is busy work.


Well. I had this vision of keeping my blog updated, as you can see. I failed... miserably. This is what my year so far has consisted of. New years in Idaho, party with the friends, cut 6 inches of hair off, packing, funeral, drive to Utah, get all settled in, play rock band, re-arrange my class and work schedule about 54 times, go to classes, start work again, TA tap dance, go to BYUSA, clean my room, make my room dirty, wish my room was clean, cook, grocery shop, present at a conference, eat Indian food, OTH, new roommate, go to meetings, perform in a dance concert..... Okay, there is more, but that is the jist for now. When did my life get so CRAZY?!

These are the classes I am taking: History 201 (World Civ until 1500), Field Studies for Recreational Management, Personal Finance, Doctrine and Covenants, and Leisure in a Contemporary Society.

... to be continued, I am sure.
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