... this is a hero.


Willa Dean Nielsen. 80 years old. My very first dance teacher. My Nan's best friend. A creative mind. A good friend.

Last week Willa Dean had a stroke, was taken to the ICU, and they questioned if she would live through the weekend. It was a shock, but at the same time Willa Dean has been getting more sick every day. I just don't like knowing she is in pain.

Luckily she is now out of the ICU. She is getting a little better. She still can't talk, can't use part of her body, and they were questioning if she was blind. My mom and I decided we should go see her today. I am so happy we went today, they said she was better today than yesterday. I teared up walking in. Willa Dean was lying in her bed, bruises all over her arm, hooked to many cords, and using an oxygen tank of some sort. It was hard to see someone I loved so much, someone like my own grandma, lying there not knowing so much what was going on. She laughed a few times, but I still didn't know if she remembered who I was. I went to her left side so I could hold her hand, and she reached out for me, and they assured me that meant she remembered who I was. She wanted to hold my hand because that is how she was saying I love you. I hope Willa Dean continues to get better, but I am just happy I got to go see her. I think she knows that I love her, and miss her when I am no longer dancing for the Stargazers. But, the even greater gift is her knowing I love her, and knowing she loves me in return.
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