... this is no fun.


Okay. Woke up yesterday... eyes would NOT open. Killer. It hurt so bad and when I did open them they just pourrrred tears. So I decided. Maybe if I put in my contacts? Bad idea. But I did it anyway and then decided to drive to the doctors, but my eyes were staying up so it was splendid, until they like started to shut and I could not keep them open and I was swerving ALL over trying to get to the doctors without killing someone. Okay, I get to the doctors, once again my eyes would not stay open so I just sat there, eyes closed, waiting for them to call me in. Called me in asked me some questions, weighed me (by the way, I have lost 12 pounds. wow) and took me back to this nurse lady. They also had me take out my contacts... of course. And then they said "You probably should never put contacts in with eye problems..." Uh, right, stupid Deidre. Okay, then they like did these tests to see what was wrong, one turned my eye yellow and they looked at it with a black light and then like put some drops in it. Okay, so my eye is like super inflammed, sorta like pink eye, but not contagious. So, red eye. Killlller. Oh, and my eyes are light sensative while I have red eye, which is what makes my eyes close when I am in the sun, aka, when I am driving. Ok, so I went to get my eye drops, guess who is sitting there, from the MTC waiting for his companion. My dear friend Kevin Prier from freshman year. That was weird... I was like "Hey Kevin!... oh, I am probably not supposed to call you that." We just talked a little, shook hands. Yeah... Awkward. Okay. I get my eye drops, get in the car to drive home, and my eyes start to shut again... like BAD. I have to use one hand to keep one eye open as I swerve back and forth and pedestrians look at me like a crazy. Needless to say, next time someone else will be driving me to the doctor.
Bethany said...

#1. NEVER put your contacts in when you have eye problems!!! i'm an official optician and for that...raise your right hand, now slap yourself.
#2. conjuntivitis is no fun. infection?? or just red eye...either way. get a driver you crazy!!
#3. i'm sorry you have eyeball issues. you never appreciate healthy eyes until they are...unhealthy.
#4. i miss seeing you around. we should change that.

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