... this is school spirit.


Last home game of the year. Luckily it was against San Diego so we didn't lose! And my seats were so good! And What it all comes down to is I had THE BEST time, and I am so completely bummed that I will no longer have football games to look forward to on the weekend. Final score BYU 41 San Diego State 12. Good times with my front row friends, and I got my possible last apple from The Chain Gang master, Fred. I got a picture with Cosmo, and I got that last round of high fives on the victory lap. I tried really hard to lose my voice, I did a pretty good job, I sound a little hoarse. Also, I got to act like a Cougar again! I'm a Coug! I also had comments like this "I knew you had energy, but you have even more at a game!" and "We noticed you get super into the game, impressive." So, I guess that just shows that sports can alter me a tiny little bit. Actually, a lot a bit, but I love it! And I got Alexa to come! Best time ever. I am very sad though, because these people I sit by are the best, and I wont see them again until football next year probably! How sad. Football friends to the ends. Go here to read about BYU's final game, undefeated at home. Oh... and traffic on the way home, busy. I drive because I get a lot 3 pass... for the cheer squad, but I always forget how long it takes to drive home after that. Alexa and I had a good time though, because we just took picture in the car.
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