If you are a small business, shop owner, etsy enthusiast  or just someone
who wants to gain some publicity and traffic, I would love to help!

Love, The Skinnys now offers advertising! All of my sponsors will be treated like the kings and queens they are with social media shout outs, opportunities for spotlights, and love from me. Let me know what I can do to help your blog. This is a community and I want to help others like those before me have helped!

Product Reviews:
I would love to feature your business on my blog and link back to all the sites you desire! All items will be labeled with your companies name and the links to you provide. All items sent to me will not be returned. All reviews will be my personal opinions.

If you would like to get MORE traffic to your shop or business a giveaway is a great option. I will give a brief description of your business and what you are about, introduce the item being given away, and include all the links and photos you would like. If you have any other giveaway ideas I would be happy to collaborate to help best promote your business!

If you are interested in these options email me & I would love to discuss!
lovetheskinnys [at] gmail [dot] com

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loving the new blog! let's swap! (:

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I can't seem to get the right button *sad face*

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Hey loving the new blog! I just took your button. Can we swap?

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Love this! I just grabbed a button for Wives, MD so we would love to swap with you when you get back from the wedding fun! Congrats!

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Oh, I am definitely interested in swapping buttons! You can find mine in the right hand corner of my blog at but I will be emailing you to make sure you get this comment. Xoxo, Brani Laine

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Merrie @ The Skinny Student said...

Totally loving my blog design!! Deidre did a fabulous job!! She gets the job done quickly and is just totally awesome to work with!!

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